Uranium Film Festival 2023

Prizes were awarded at the 12th International Uranium Film Festival in Rio on May 28. The three main prizes went to Sweden, the USA and Serbia.

„It's always difficult to determine the festival winners. But this year it was especially difficult. Each of the selected films, dealing with the different aspects of nuclear industry and nuclear war, was of good quality or of great importance and moved the audience," said festival executive director Márcia Gomes de Oliveira during the award ceremony in the Cinematheque of the Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio).

The Best 1st Feature Documentary Award goes to Julian Vogel from Sweden for his film „Inter-Continental Bunker Mission - I.C.B.M“. Inter-Continental Bunker Mission is a documentary with a sense of humour on fallout shelters, government survival plans and self-made basement bunkers to survive a nuclear apocalypse. „Julian Vogel has put together a brilliant film that is as playful as it is timely. The form and the content of this wonderful film are in harmony with its subject matter and message“, said festival judge, filmmaker and film scholar Miguel Silveira.

Trailer Inter-Continental Bunker Mission

The Best Investigative Documentary Award went to Heidi Hutner for here amazing film „Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island“, represented by the Special Guest from Los Angeles, Libbe HaLevy, producer of the Radio Podcast Nuclear Hotseat. „Radioactive“ explores the 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown - the worst commercial nuclear accident in US history - through a feminist lens and features several women activists including famous actor Jane Fonda. „Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island has the potential of helping to reopen a case that had no closure. The focus on the women's decades-long David vs Goliath fight against a seemingly insurmountable enemy brings a fundamental element of justice to the lives of the people involved, the kind of justice they may never find through the legal system“, justifies the festival jury.

Trailer Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island

The 2. Best Documentary Award was presented to the new U.S. production "Downwind" by Mark Shapiro and Douglas Brian Miller.  This documentary about "downwinders" affected by the hundreds of nuclear bomb tests in Nevada and issues related to nuclear technology features stars and activists such as Martin Sheen, Claudia Peterson, Ian Zabarte, Patrick Wayne, Mary Dickson, Lewis Black, Joseph Musso and Michael Douglas. Special guest Chicago filmmaker and producer Missy Hernandez accepted the award on behalf of the Downwind directors.

Trailer Downwind

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